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It’s okay...if you don’t have the funds right away.

Take advantage of this great opportunity!

*** Call 628-CASA (628-2272)

Our Sales Staff will be more than happy to explain the details.

Layaway Plan Available
Layaway Plan Available

Our Layaway (Balance Parcel) Plan works as follows.

The customer places a mutually agreed upon deposit on an item and we hold it for a mutually agreed upon time (preferably no longer than 2 to 3 months), after which the balance is paid and the customer receives the item.

Hope you can make it in to our clean low-contact environment to have a look at all of the wonderful Quality Furniture and Gift Items that we have on our Three Floors of Showroom.

You may also call 628-CASA (628-2272) for more information.


628-3392 & 222-5928 - Please call these numbers if you can't get through

the main line.

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